Episode 3 – Where No Man Has Gone Before

Where No Man Has Gone Before – First aired on September 22, 1966

When your best friend becomes a God, you would think that life would be pretty easy from there on out. Unfortunately for James R. Kirk….sorry, that’s James T. Kirk, it doesn’t quite work out that way.

Personally I would be ok with changing this to a T in a future release. It isn’t like we would be changing who shot first….Lucas….

As you may or may not know, this episode was the second pilot for Star Trek. I believe it is easy to see both why it was a great pilot that led to the show being picked up, as well as why it was not the right episode to air first.

The quick and easy answer to why this episode should not have and did not air first, is that it is lacking a proper introduction to Spock and McCoy. First of all, McCoy is not even in this episode, the role of the doctor was recast after this episode was made. It would have made no sense to start the series off without him and then introduce him later. The major reason that The Man Trap was such a great broadcasting pilot is that it gives a great all around synopsis of our three main characters and how they work together. With McCoy completely absent, and Spock a weirder, louder, more annoying, and more aggressive version of himself, “Where No Man Has Gone Before” would have run the risk of starting the series off on the wrong foot. Continue reading