Episode 1 – The Man Trap

The Man Trap – First aired on September 8, 1966

In Star Trek, a routine medical examination is rarely ever routine.  This may be why almost all the Starfleet captains famously put off and avoid theirs (I’m talking to you in particular Jean-Luc).

That is how this pilot begins, and yes I am starting with this episode and calling it the pilot because it was the first episode ever aired.  While “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” may have been the original pilots, this was the first one that the public viewed and I have decided to review these episodes based on their initial air date.

So we begin with a routine medical examination which is scheduled for a scientist and his wife who have been studying some ruins for the past five years on an out-of-the-way planet called M-113.  The only interesting thing which Captain Kirk notes in his log is that the wife of the scientist, one Dr. Robert Crater (also referred to as the Professor), is a woman from Dr. McCoy’s past named Nancy.  It is this small piece of knowledge that sets up the dramatic ending to the episode, but more on that later.

Right off the bat we see that something is amiss because Kirk, McCoy, and their companion blue shirted crew member all see a slightly different woman when they look at Nancy.  In the case of the crewman, it is a completely different woman, while in Kirk’s case she is an older version of what McCoy sees.

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